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Maximilian Steinberg: Passion Week in The New York Times

New York Times critic James R. Oestreich shared that he’d been listening to our Maximilian Steinberg: Passion Week recording in the ArtsBeat “Classical Playlist”: “‘Passion Week’…is on a scale with…

Ivan Moody: From Darkness to Light

The From Darkness to Light programme is a journey in more than one sense. Firstly, it takes us from spiritual darkness (the condition which is cured, according to Orthodox Christian…

Ivan Moody Discusses From Darkness To Light

From Darkness to Light From Darkness to Light will feature the Alfred Schnittke’s Verses of Repentance, Rachmaninoff’s Concerto for Choir, Galina Grigorjeva’s Diptych and Ivan Moody’s own Anastasis on Eastertide!

Cappella Romana To Perform Rachmaninoff’s Concerto for Choir!

Guest Director Ivan Moody adds Rachmaninoff’s Concerto for Choir to the program From Darkness to Light! “Rachmaninoff’s wonderful choir concerto is the perfect work to anchor this program. His music…

Choir & Organ Magazine Reviews Good Friday in Jerusalem

Choir & Organ Magazine gives five stars to our Good Friday In Jerusalem recording in their May/June Issue: “This ‘premiere in modern times’, revivified through extensive research, is true tingle-factor…

AllMusic Features Steinberg: Passion Week

AllMusic critic James Manheim has a new review for our Maximilian Steinberg: Passion Week recording: “The whole story is told in the excellent notes here, but the music itself is…


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