• Alexander Lingas: Music, Acoustics, and Ritual in Byzantium September 10, 2014

    Enjoy the following video from an Alexander Lingas presentation in the Stanford Seminar Series “Aural Architecture” given in 2013:

  • The Fall of Constantinople — Program Notes August 25, 2014

    Constantinople | Cappella RomanaGreeks and Latins had lived uneasily together in the Eastern Mediterranean ever since the sack and occupation of Constantinople (1204–61) by crusader knights. During the 14th and 15th centuries, however, the shrunken Byzantine Empire and the remaining Western colonies were often forced to ...

Cappella Romana takes you on a journey of discovery – a dynamic experience of immersion in sound and space, tradition and history, innovation and light.


Acoustics of Hagia Sophia at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco

Cappella Romana is one of the featured artists to perform at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, in a gala on September 27 to raise funds for the Patriarch Athenagoras…

More Photos from Utrecht

Many thanks to concert attendee Marnix van B. for sharing these wonderful photos from our Utrecht Early Music Festival performance last Sunday!

Utrecht Festival Photos

Sound check, concert and post-concert photos from Cappella Romanana’s nearly sold-out Oudemuziek Early Music Festival concert in Utrecht, Netherlands:

CityArts Reviews Seattle Fall of Constantinople

CityArts Magazine reviews Cappella Romana’s Seattle performance of The Fall of Constantinople: “In Cappella Romana’s latest program Friday night at St. Joseph Parish, “The Fall of Constantinople,” we heard some…

ArtsWatch Reviews Fall of Constantinople

Oregon ArtsWatch reviews the Portland performance of The Fall of Constantinople, saying “Portland vocal ensemble excels in hometown performance before major European festival appearance”: “Just past what the Greeks called…

Notes for the Utrecht OudeMuziek Festival!

Programme Notes for ‘The Fall of Constantinople’ Cappella Romana – Utrecht Early Music Festival 2014 The creation of a re-imagined ‘Holy Roman Empire’, an entity which centuries later would be…


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