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Byzantium 330 AD-1453 AD: A Compliation Album


London's Royal Academy of Art commissioned Cappella Romana for a new compilation CD for its mega-exhibition, Byzantium: 330-1453. This “greatest hits” title features music from four Cappella Romana CDs: Epiphany, The Fall of Constantinople, Byzantium in Rome, and Music of Byzantium.

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Album Tracks
1. Kontakion for Theophany, St. Romanos the Melodist
2. Festal Trisagion “As many of you as have been baptized”, Xenos Korones
Dynamis, Ioannes Kladas the Lampadarios
3. Sticheron Apostichon Idiomelon for St. Basil, Byzas
4. Kontakion “To you my Champion”, anonymous (7th c.?)
5. Apolytikion “You who sit on a fiery throne”
6. Kontakion for St. Neilos of Grottaferrata, anonymous
7. Anagrammatismos, St. John Koukouzelis
8. Hymn for Great Compline, Manuel Gazes the Lampadarios
9. Vasilissa ergo gaude, Guillaume Dufay
10. Canon for the Council of Florence, John Plousiadenos
11. Imperial Acclamations for Constantine XI Paleologos, anonymous
12. Dynamis, Maneul Chrysaphes the Lampadarios
13. Lament for the Fall of Constantinople, Manuel Chrysaphes the Lampadarios
14. Lamentatio Sanctae Matris Ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae, Guillaume Dufay